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Riken Piston Rings Catalogue Pdf 13




_3_23.pdf Spartan’s Prime Professional service includes the cost of labour, the parts, the technician and of course all the tools that is required to carry out the job. In the UK there are usually three professional engineer’s qualified by the APGC. The job will be carried out by the engineer, the APGC engineer and the manager, a senior professional engineer, an APGC manager and the site supervisor. Most jobs can take 3 days to complete, depending on the size of the job. If the job is too big for one engineer all the engineers get the job. The engineer is not paid by the hour. The company pays the engineer on a piece rate. Every engine is measured at a certain cost per engine to make sure that it is within the market. On the clock the engineer earns a minimum of about £80 and depending on the engineer and the size of the job the engineer can make up to £150 or more per job. A complete engine is approximately £100 to £125. The way that the engine is carried out is that the engineer will generally make a list of the work that needs to be carried out on the engine. Next, they go to the relevant site to carry out the work. They then give a report to the relevant company. The engine then goes back to the site for the shop to complete the work. This process can take up to a couple of weeks and will obviously cost the engine a significant amount of money. They will be responsible for the payment of costs to carry out the work as well as being responsible for the cost of the machine and parts. The parts are sent to the site where they are needed. If it is a national job then the parts can be delivered to the site by the engineer and handed over to the relevant site manager or site engineer. All engineering jobs will come with a warranty. The warranty is made up of a 1 year warranty and then a 2 year warranty. If it breaks within the first year the engine can be returned and the engineer will repair or replace it with the engine that was sent to the site. If it breaks within the second year the engine will be sent to the nearest authorised repair centre to be looked at and repaired. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they notify the engineer or repair centre of any problem. If the customer does not notify the engineer or repair centre within the time that is specified then they are responsible for all repairs.



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Riken Piston Rings Catalogue Pdf 13

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